About Musou

We are very excited to present "Musou Black", a water-based acrylic paint and the World's Blackest Paint available to the public!

General black acrylic paints absorbs around 94-98% of light however

Musou Black absorbs up to 99.4% of light in the visible light range.

Our hope is that this black paint will bring inspiration to everyone and we are always looking forward to everyone's creations!

Painting Methods

This water-based acrylic paint can easily be applied using an air-brush or a paint-brush. Achieving an overwhelming blackness has never been easier!

We will always recommend painting Musou Black with an air-brush. By applying multiple thin layers of powder coatings, you can achieve a blackness that will absorb up to 99.4% of light!

Please be sure to check out the "How-to-Paint" video below for tips and tricks to air-brushing Musou Black!

Even if painted with a paint-brush, this paint maintains the world's highest class light absorption rate of 98.8%! It has a high concealment and low reflection performance, yet has much lower viscosity than general acrylic paints, and it is easy to make a smooth non-reflective surface.

If you are wondering how it compares to other black paints, please feel free to take a look at our blog!

Product Specifications

Product Name: Musou Black

Product Type: Synthetic resin paint

Ingredients: Synthetic resin (acrylic), pigment, antifungal agent, water

Applications: Plastic models, various models, crafts, etc.

(A non-water-absorbent material may require a surface treatment or primer.)

Capacity: 100ml

Precautions for use

  • Due to the powdery light absorption layer, the strength of the coating is very low, so glossing and peeling of the coating will occur even with light contact. The painted object may shrink and crack.
  • Powder dust will be generated during painting, so wear protective equipment such as goggles and a mask before using.
  • This paint has no infrared reflection suppressing effect.